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Bristol Memorial Woodland Trust relies for its income on donations and legacies from the public. Families, whose loved ones rest in the woodland are invited to make a donation for the future upkeep and legacy donations are welcome.


If you would like to help the Trust, or find out more, please contact the team on 01454414999 or at


The planting of a commemorative tree is an ancient practice steeped in tradition and meaning. It is a symbol of continued life, strength and family connections. It gives relatives and friends a memorial to visit which they can enjoy watching change of the seasons and grow through the years. Equally, it is a gift to the woodlands as they continue to grow and mature. Our trees are tended to and cared for by our onsite grounds team who, with great care and skill, work to create and to preserve our woodland.


For the public benefit to create and preserve woodland areas and to maintain and perpetuate the same by long rotations of planting and felling.

For the public benefit to conserve and protect all forms of wildlife in order to safeguard genetic diversity in woodlands and special nature reserves maintained by the trust and elsewhere.

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