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Portrait of trustee Christopher Hiatt Baker

Christopher Hiatt Baker

Chris Baker is the founder and chairman of Bristol Memorial Woodlands. It is his vision that has instructed the creation of this 100 acre site. He and the other founding Trustees wished to ensure the preservation and ongoing management of Memorial Woodland, so established the charitable trust. Over the years Chris’s ideas and inventiveness have involved: bunjee jumping, skateboard play areas, microlight aircraft, the use of renewable energies in homes and variations on reeded musical instruments.

Photo of trustee Colin Robert Wilcox

Colin Robert Wilcox

A local farmer and the groundsman for Memorial Woodlands since its inception. Colin brings his unrivalled knowledge and skill in caring for the landscape, trees and shrubs to the Board. Colin brims with old fashioned common sense. He is also responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the graves.

Photo of trustee Hugo Ronald Allan Spowers

Hugo Ronald Allan Spowers MBE

An engineer, working in the field of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles whose family developed Windlesham Arboretum. He has extensive experience in developing and maintaining large gardens, lakes and arboreta. Hugo has a keen interest in the preservation of indigenous flora and fauna.

Portrait photo of trustee Victoria Griffiths

Victoria Griffiths

Originally from the local community, Victoria has worked extensively throughout rural UK on renewable energy projects and has experience of running her own company in the wind energy industry. She holds a Masters degree in International Business and Development, she is currently completing an MRes in Energy Innovation specialising in the hydrogen value chain.

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